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Sally's Spa 32.0

Sally's Spa is a nice game that invites us to play in several Spa centers
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Sally's Spa is a nice game that invites us to play the role of Sally, a young girl who has just started a Spa center in Laguna Beach. We must serve customers and give them the correct treatments. There are a waiting area, a sauna bath, two chairs for facial therapies, a bed for massage, and, of course, a cash machine to get our payment. The first time that we play the game, we are given an interactive demo that shows us what to do. Next, we are left alone to act efficiently. We must concentrate on the requirements of each individual customer. At the same time, we must keep an eye on other customers. Like in real live, we must not leave any of them waiting for too long time. Each new customer has five heart's signs. We must try to keep them all. We can get easily with the sauna, massages, and cash machine, as they only require time. The facial treatments take more time and effort as there are plenty of treatments to choose from and we must find out the one that pleases our existing customer best. If we work fast and efficiently, we can get a lot of money (including tips), and move around the world working in spa centers, buy new products, and employ new people. This game is suitable for all ages. I find it to be a very nice. My daughter was also delighted. The best of all is that we could play it free of charge for an hour. The music was a bit repetitive so I turned the sound off.

Review summary


  • Smart graphics
  • Interactive demo
  • Free trial
  • We can work in spa centers around the world
  • Instructive game


  • It takes a long time to download
  • Music is not nice
  • Only in English
  • A bit boring after a while
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